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Reality shows?! A short review about Malayali House

Surya TV

Surya TV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As we all know Malayali House is the new reality show in Surya TV. As the days and weeks and months and years pass by, new and bright new reality shows are appearing in the television networks. Either with different creative themes and ideas or with the same model are presented by the networks. We may not have thought about where all these are leading to. We think that these are different from TV serials.’Yes’,but the truth is ‘not much’!!

Same as in the TV serials,these reality shows are bringing into us or are boosting a negative energy.Why so? Just take this Malayali House as an example.This show is similar to those that came and are continuing in MTV, V channel etc.All these programs proclaim just one thing-“Survival of the fittest”!! In Malayali House also same criteria is followed. They were 16 at first.Now there is only 15. One has been fired.We know that this is a competition. Yes! But for this, or for surviving in this, one has to expose the unusual or negative behavior in the other person, knowing that everyone has a negative attitude in himself/herself which he/she is hiding for survival. No one is perfect.That’s true.But is it right to blame someone in front of public?? Each one in that show is a famous personality. What will happen for his/her fame,future when some other famous person criticize about his behavior in front of public??

In yesterday’s episode Sri.Sandosh Pandit said that medias are boosting a negative energy. He said as an example, that if one slaps his own mother and it becomes a news,  the medias will take advantage of the same and publish his deeds. Psychic or abnormal persons do the same to get fame. Isn’t that the same energy getting through these reality shows. What will happen if everyone turns to blame and crucify others for his/her own survival??  Should this be entertained? Should this be let to continued. Doing something for our own profit should not affect the lives of ordinary people.Think whether we should react or not. Do what is needed.


7 thoughts on “Reality shows?! A short review about Malayali House

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  2. hi…..
    hey…the show going bad day by day..due to Neena kurup..she make all the problem in the house….she is the most fake person in the malayali…..its nots my mother says that….if the veiwers get the chance to tell their feedback…all of the veiwers must say about Neena kurup…..So plz give a chance to the viewers whose doesn’t have the knowledge to send feedback like this..Give them the chance by sending their feedbacks in mobile..about the participate in malayali house..pls it a request frm a viewer…..make it possible as early as possible …..and thks for getting back S P in malayali house….

  3. Arun says:

    ..Today Neena kurup said that the viewers are mad……how……????… So plz tell to her that we are not Mad……and mind ur words….

  4. Don says:

    Making all the people as FOOLLLSSS.. as all malayalee are foolssss.. to watch such boaring… with the useless people on the screen…. i really hate this program… plz shut down this program…

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